Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Leftover women

Recently I came across a very interesting article. Apparently, unmarried female who are older than 27 are labeled as ‘leftover women’ in China. Leftover? That’s a harsh word to use.
As we always do, let’s learn how to say the phrase in Chinese language:
剩女 (shèngnǚ): leftover women
I normally use the word leftover when referring to food. So let’s learn how to say that as well:
剩菜 (shèng cài): leftovers
剩饭 (shèng fàn): leftovers
And below is a sentence showing a general use of (shèng):
Hái shèng duōshǎo?
How much is leftover?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jasmine Flower

It’s been a while since we learned a song. So let’s learn a very popular Chinese folk song today. Click here for the full lyrics.
茉莉花 (Mòlìhuā) Jasmine Flower
Hăo yì duǒ měilì de mòlìhuā.
What a beautiful jasmine flower,

Hăo yì duǒ měilì de mòlìhuā.
What a beautiful jasmine flower.
Fēnfāng měilì măn zhī yā,
A spray of fragrance and lovely petals,

Yòu xiāng yòu bái rénrén kuā.
Everyone loves your snow-white buds.

Ràng wǒ lái jiānɡ nĭ zhāi xià,
Let me pick a jasmine flower,

Sòng gěi biérén jiā.
And give it to others.

Mòlìhuā ya mòlìhuā.
Jasmine flowers, jasmine flowers.
Why did I pick this song? Not because this is one of my favorite, but because Celine Dion sang this song in Mandarin for a New Year Gala show. If you didn’t already know, February 10 was the Chinese New year and this is the year of snake. Check this post to learn how to say Happy New Year in Chinese language.
And below is a video of Celine Dion singing the Jasmine Flower song.