Sunday, March 31, 2013

What about the ugly people?

We already talked about the Tall, rich and handsome men and White, rich and beautiful women. What about the ugly ones? Yes, there is an expression to describe people like me as well.
矮丑穷 (ǎi chǒu qióng): short, ugly and poor
(ǎi): short
(chǒu): ugly
(qióng): poor

There is also another expression, a bit shorter, used for short, ugly and poor people.
屌丝 (diǎosī)
屌丝 (diǎosī) has become a very popular word among the Chinese youth. Many of them also use this expression to describe themselves in order to distinguish them from the ‘Tall, rich and handsome men' and ‘White, rich and beautiful women’. So it is not necessarily a derogatory term.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It’s been two years …

I started this blog exactly two years ago. Can’t believe it’s been two years already. This is my 95th post today, so that is almost 50 posts a year on average.  I couldn’t write as much during this year due to work and other obligations, but I hope to keep writing as much as I can. I have tried to cover as varied topics as I can. Let me know what you think. Anything you want me to write about?
And of course a big thank you to you all for reading my blog and leaving comments. If you keep reading, I will keep writing. Let the third year begin.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

White, Rich and Beautiful

We just had a post on good looking men. Some of you might be waiting for a post about pretty women. Here it is.

So what is the female version of Tall, Rich and Handsome?
白富美 (bái fù měi): White, rich and beautiful
(bái): white
(fù): rich
(měi): beautiful

And here is another expression used for extremely pretty women:
倾国倾城 (qīng guó qīng chéng): drop dead gorgeous
(qīng): collapse/overturn
(guó): country
(chéng): city
She is so beautiful that she can sweep a city or even a nation off their feet.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Prince on a White Horse

We just talked about the ‘leftover women’. Maybe the reason they are single is because they are waiting for their prince charming. In Chinese language, these men are called ‘Prince on a White Horse’
白马王子 (bái mǎ wáng zǐ): Prince on a White Horse
白马(bái mǎ): White horse
王子 (wáng zǐ): Prince

Here is another Chinese expression to describe good looking men
高富帅 (gāo fù shuài): Tall, rich and handsome
(gāo): Tall
(fù): Rich
(shuài): Handsome