Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are Sichuan girls the prettiest?

There is a general consensus in China that the girls in Sichuan province are the prettiest. There is even an old saying “You’d better not go to Sichuan; it wouldn't help your career”. I went to Sichuan, twice, but the girls there looked the same as the girls from other parts of China. Maybe all the Chinese people look the same to me?

Whether the girls from Sichuan are the prettiest or not, it is always useful to learn how to say you are pretty in Chinese language. Below are the different ways you can tell a girl that she is pretty:

你很漂亮(Nǐ hěn piàoliang): You are beautiful

你很可爱(Nǐ hěn kěài): You are cute

你很好看(Nǐ hěn hǎokàn): You are good looking

你很美丽(Nǐ hěn měilì): You are beautiful

Remember the (měi) from “Beautiful Kingdom?”

If you want to say the same to a guy, use the following

你很帅(Nǐ hěn shuài): You are handsome

And if you think someone is ugly

你很丑(Nǐ hěn chǒu): You are ugly


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  2. haha i like that reasoning though

  3. Not true Thomas I live in Sichuan province and have been all over China. Sichuan girls always had the most beautiful. Although Hong Kong has cute ones as well!

  4. In classic Chinese, it says 苏杭出美女。 苏杭 means 苏州,and 杭州。 However, I think there are good looking girls everywhere.

    Interesting post you got here.

  5. Interesting post.

    Across China, there are lots of theories about Where the prettiest girls are and why.

    In Chonqing, there is a legend in which the entire population was killed and replaced by people from around the country. As a result, there's a really big mix of genes from different places and this is the reason why 'Chongqing girls are the most beautiful in China'

  6. I am from Hong Kong and we have always heard the saying as earlier post that Suzhou especially, and Hangzhou 'produce beautiful girls'... Doesn't mean other places don't but maybe more of them around these areas, famous also for their lakes, hills, and gardens. As more Chinese old sayings goes, beautiful places (landscape/ environment) produce beautiful people. So if we keep/ make our environment beautiful then we'll have more beautiful people around!

  7. I had lived in China ten years and yes there are (according to personal taste) beautiful girls from provinces far and wide, but in saying that I must admit (due to experience.. ahem!) the two most attractive girls I had relationships with came from provinces notorious for female beauty Sichuan and Zhejiang both girls were in my opinion exceptionally pretty ;-)