Sunday, May 1, 2011

Do all Asians look the same?

I meant to post a list of coolest nationalities in Chinese language but realized that I actually posted a list of nations. However, figuring out how to say the nationalities once you know the nations is not that difficult. You just need to add (rén) at the end and a nation will become a nationality. For example:

巴西 (Bāxī): Brazil

(rén): people

巴西人 (Bāxī rén): Brazilian

That was easy, wasn’t it? Here are few more:

牙买加人 (Yámǎijiā rén): Jamaican

美国人 (Měiguó rén): American

日本人 (Rìběn rén): Japanese

中国人 (Zhōngguó rén): Chinese

尼泊尔人 (Níbóěr rén): Nepalese

土耳其人 (Tǔěrqí rén): Turk

While it is easy to figure out how to say different nationalities, figuring out someone’s nationality is a completely different story. Yes I am talking about the Asians. Two friends of mine, a Japanese and a Korean, and I took this AllLookSame Exam #1: Faces together and we managed to score only 7 out of 18. Please post how you end up doing.

[Note: Some of you were complaining that you have to register before you can take the test. So I have a username and password for you. Username: looktest, Password: 1234]


  1. It was tough, but I honestly got 8 out of 18.
    Sorry to have to beat you at one more thing!

  2. YEAHHH I got 9 out of 18!!! I am better than you Roy! I knew it! ;D

  3. All right, I only got 5 out of 18. It was too bad. I think it will be easier for me to recognize which nationality he or she will be when I see them in person. Anyway, it is still hard.

  4. I wonder if all white people look the same?

  5. haha interesting comment Spearing

  6. 齐亚娜 QiYaNaMay 25, 2011 at 11:51 AM

    I got 5 out of 18! Too bad! I used to think I was good at figuring our nationalities....I guess there is room for improvement...!

  7. We spent three weeks in deepest China. At first all the Chinese looked the same, then you thought "hey, he looks just like the guy in the hostel" or "she is the spitting image of my first Chinese teacher". At the end of it we ended up pointing at the Westerners when we got back to Hong Kong (and thought they all looked the same).

    It seemed that the longer we stayed there, the more differences we could see. I'd love to know the brain science of this.

  8. You make a very good point Patrick. I guess that applies no matter what country you go to.

  9. 9 out 18. not bad.=))