Sunday, April 17, 2011

Are you cool?

Few months ago CNN published a list of coolest nationalities. Even though I don’t agree with some of them, I thought it was a good way for me to practice country names in Chinese language. So here are the coolest nationalities:


The world’s coolest nationalities

1. 巴西 (Bāxī) : Brazil

2. 新加坡 (Xīnjiāpō) : Singapore

3. 牙买加 (Yámǎijiā) : Jamaica

4. 蒙古(Ménggǔ) : Mongolia

5. 美国 (Měiguó) : United States

6. 西班牙(Xībānyá) : Spain

7. 日本 (Rìběn) : Japan

8. 博茨瓦纳 (Bócíwǎ) : Botswana

9. 中国 (Zhōngguó) : China

10. 澳大利亚(Àodàlìyǎ): Australia

11. 尼泊尔 (Níbóěr) : Nepal

12. 比利时 (Bǐlìshí) : Belgium

13. 土耳其 (Tǔěrqí) : Turkey

Don’t worry if you are not from one of these countries. You can still be cool if you learn how to say them all in Chinese language.

By the way this is how you say cool in Chinese language

(kù): cool

我很酷(Wǒ hěn kù): I am very cool


  1. 爱 尔 兰 (ài'ĕrlán) hěn kù

  2. 尼泊尔比爱尔兰酷
    I think you understand that

  3. 爱尔兰比尼泊尔酷
    I prefer it this way

  4. 意大利是最酷的国民 ;)

  5. Botswana is hands down the coolest nation!

  6. Let's go to Brazil for the Olympics/World Cup.