Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to say Obama in Chinese?

I came across this interesting article on Obama’s name in Chinese language

“Until now, Chinese media have always pronounced it AO-BA-MA. But the US embassy has now decided to change it to OU-BA-MA, saying it sounds more accurate.

This has caused outrage in China because the new pronunciation is the same as the one used in Taiwan.”

I had however always thought that Obama was pronounced AO-BA-MA in Chinese language

奥巴马(Àobāmǎ): Obama

巴拉克 奥巴马(Bālākè Àobāmǎ): Barack Obama

总统(zǒngtǒng): President

美国总统奥巴马(Měiguó zǒngtǒng Àobāmǎ): US President Obama

Here is an interesting video.

Be careful with your tones.

布什(Bùshí): Bush (George Bush)

不是(bùshì): not/is not


  1. Gotta love Sexy Beijing!

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  3. thanks for sharing the article americanepali