Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chinese relationship tree

I guess we never talked about how to call the different family members in Chinese language. Below I have tried to create a simple Chinese family structure. It shows the Chinese terms for the most immediate family members. Hope this is helpful.

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Just in case you can't read the above picture properly, I have listed them below:

爷爷 (yéye): Grandfather (father’s father)

奶奶 (nǎinai): Grandmother (father’s mother)

外公 (wàigōng): Grandfather (mother’s father)

外婆 (wàipó): Grandmother (mother’s mother)

爸爸 (bàba): Father

妈妈 (māma): Mother

伯伯 (bóbo): Uncle (father’s older brother)

叔叔 (shūshu): Uncle (father’s younger brother)

婶婶( shěnshen): Aunt (father’s sister)

舅舅 (jiùjiu): Uncle (mother’s brother)

姨妈 (yímā): Aunt (mother’s sister)

哥哥 (gēge): Older brother

嫂子 (sǎozi): Sister in law (Older brother’s wife)

姐姐 (jiějie): Older sister

姐夫 (jiěfu): Brother in law (Older sister’s husband)

弟弟 (dìdi): Younger brother

弟妹 (dìmèi): Sister in law (Younger brother’s wife)

妹妹 (mèimei): Younger sister

妹夫 (mèifu): Brother in law (Younger sister’s husband)

(wǒ): Me

爱人 (àirén): Spouse

儿子 (érzi): Son

女儿 (nǚ'ér): Daughter

孙子(sūnzi): Grandson (Son’s son)

孙女 (sūnnǚ): Granddaughter (Son’s daughter)

外孙 (wàisūn): Grandson (Daughter’s son)

外孙女 (wàisūnnǚ): Granddaughter (Daughter’s daughter)


  1. This is fantastic. Could we have uncles and aunts added?

    Can titles be interchanged? I've heard yeye and nainai can be used for grandparents on either side of the family

  2. It would be great if you could update this with uncles, aunts and cousins.

  3. I have updated it with uncles and aunts. If it is too small to read, you can click on the picture to make it bigger.

    And yes I have seen people use yeye and nainai for both grandparents as well. But using waigong and waipo would clear any doubts on which set of grandparents you are talking about.

  4. Can I still this blog post and change all the family relationships to Nepali?

  5. You may definitely steal it but not sure how you will still it :)

  6. Good job on the graph. Very clean.
    There is more complicated one without pinyin here:

    I was actually thinking of making my own chart with VUE for the public domain, but that one is fairly complete, with exception of 5th Gen: 高祖父, etc and 4th Gen: 曾外婆, etc

  7. Thank you so much. Very helpful.

  8. What should my 二舅的二儿子的女儿call me? I'm older than my 二舅二儿子。

  9. 婶婶 isn't father's sister (姑母), but wife of father's younger brother.