Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fat panda from Sichuan

Earlier we learned that other than its girls and food, Sichuan province is also famous for its pandas. Pandas are native to central and south-western China, and they live mostly in Sichuan province. According to UNESCO website, Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries are home to more than 30% of world’s pandas.

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Now let’s learn more about the pandas.

熊猫 (xióngmāo): panda


Xióngmāo hěn kě'ài

Pandas are very cute


Tā ěrduo xiǎo xiǎo de

They have small ears


Tā yǎnjīng dàdà de

Their eyes are big


Tā wěiba duǎn duǎn de

They have short tails


Tā shēntǐ pàngpàng de

Their bodies are fat

Did you notice something in the above sentences? Yes, the reduplication of adjectives. Adjectives are reduplicated in Chinese language to indicate a higher degree of a certain quality than their non-reduplicated versions. The reduplicated form of monosyllabic adjective is AA and of disyllabic adjective is AABB. For example:

长长 (chángcháng)

漂漂亮亮 (piàopiàoliàngliàng)

Check this post for the reduplication of verbs in Chinese language.


  1. Hi, I read the post about reduplication where you said that it looks like ABAB, here you wrote AABB for disyllabic adjectives... Could you explain what is the difference in use or maybe there is a mistake somewhere, cause now I am a little bit confused :)
    BTW I love your blog ;) For someone who is a beginner in Chinese it'a a huge help :D

  2. Hi Alex
    Thanks for your comment. I think the ABAB structure you were talking about it for reduplication of verbs, and in this post we are talking about the reduplication of adjectives. That is why they are different. While these structure apply in most of the cases, please keep in mind that there are always some exceptions. One good example, for reduplication of verbs would be

    聊聊天 (liáoliáotiān)

    Here the structure is AAB.

    And thanks for following the blog. Please feel free to reach out like this if you have any questions. Also feel free to suggest topics if there is anything you would like me to cover.

    Ma Si Wen

  3. Oh yes... Now I see ... I was a little lost and didn't catch that ;) Ah, beginners have so much problems :P Thank you for your help :)