Sunday, March 31, 2013

What about the ugly people?

We already talked about the Tall, rich and handsome men and White, rich and beautiful women. What about the ugly ones? Yes, there is an expression to describe people like me as well.
矮丑穷 (ǎi chǒu qióng): short, ugly and poor
(ǎi): short
(chǒu): ugly
(qióng): poor

There is also another expression, a bit shorter, used for short, ugly and poor people.
屌丝 (diǎosī)
屌丝 (diǎosī) has become a very popular word among the Chinese youth. Many of them also use this expression to describe themselves in order to distinguish them from the ‘Tall, rich and handsome men' and ‘White, rich and beautiful women’. So it is not necessarily a derogatory term.


  1. I'm shocked by your knowledge of these words since they're the latest one on China Internet. Good job!Even some Chinese old men don't know these words.

  2. Haha...maybe it means that I am not an old chinese man :)

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