Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chinese words with foreign origin

Like other languages, Chinese language has some words with foreign origin as well. Let’s find out what some of them are:

巧克力Qiǎokèlì: Chocolate

逻辑Luójí: Logic

芭蕾Bālěi: Ballet

沙拉Shālā: Salad

麦克风Màikèfēng: Microphone

沙发Shāfā: Sofa

因特网Yīntèwǎng: Internet

奥林匹克Àolínpǐ: Olympic

夹克Jiákè: Jacket

比基尼Bǐjīní: Bikini

吉他Jítā: Guitar

巴士Bāshì: Bus

马拉松Mǎlāsōng: Marathon

Kǎ: Card


However, I have heard some people say that Typhoon came from 台风Táifēng)

扑克Pūkè: Poker

Fèi: Fee

咖啡Kāfēi: Coffee

比萨Bǐ: Pizza

: Cool

I think Qiǎokèlì is my favorite. What about you?


  1. shala, obviously ;)

  2. Of course Qiǎokèlì...and Bǐjīní ;D

  3. Typhoon definitely comes from either Chinese or Japanese. In Japanese it has the same characters whereas most western words don't use characters.

    You're blog is great. I wish you'd do a little more grammar. Post as much as you want, I'll keep reading! :-D

  4. That's what i thought too but I have heard some people say that its the other way around.

    Thanks for the suggestion on grammar. I definitely plan to write many more posts on grammar. Keep reading and leaving comments like these :)