Monday, April 16, 2012

Day, Week, Month, Year

Last post we learned how to say different months in Chinese language. Now let’s go a step further, and learn how to say days, week and year as well.

天 (tiān): day
星期 (xīngqí): week
月 (yuè): month
年 (nián): year

So how do we say different days of the week? It’s very similar to saying different months; just add the number of the day after 星期 (xīngqí).

星期一 (xīngqí yī): Monday
星期二 (xīngqí èr): Tuesday
星期三 (xīngqí sān): Wednesday

But be careful, this formula applies to all days of the week but Sunday:

星期日 (xīngqírì): Sunday

And how do we say different days like yesterday, today and tomorrow?

昨天 (zuótiān): yesterday
今天 (jīntiān): today
明天 (míngtiān): tomorrow

Now let’s try the same thing with years:

去年(qùnián): last year
今年(jīnnián): this year
明年(míngnián): next year


  1. It's also interesting to note that Americans usually post dates month/day/year, whereas most of the world posts day/month/year. How is it done in China? And how can we get the U.S. to switch for the better? Metric system anyone?

  2. Thanks for the comment Spearing. I am actually thinking of writing a blog post on how to write dates in Chinese. So keep checking the blog :)

  3. Thanks for your post. By the way, although in Taiwan it is pronounced "xīngqí", in China it's "xīngqī"

  4. Thanks for this blog post! Studying days, month and years is pretty easy in Chinese. Studying numbers, on the other hand, is quite difficult (at least at the beginning)....Alternately to 星期日 for Sunday, you can also say 星期天.

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