Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jay Chou – Fearless

I know it’s been a while since we learned a song. Today I will share with you all a song which was pretty popular when I was in China. Fearless was sung by Jay Chou as a theme song to Jet Li’s 2006 movie ‘Fearless’.

霍元甲(Huò yuán jiǎ): Fearless

mìng yǒu jǐ huíhé lèitái děngzhe
Life has few rounds and the ring is waiting

shēngsǐ zhuàng yíngle shénme Lěngxiàozhe
The death contest wins nothing but hostile sneering

tiānxià shuí de dì yī yòu rúhé
Does it matter who is the number one in the world?

zhǐ gāngē wǒ bèi shàngwǔ dé
My generation still respects martial arts as means to stop war

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