Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eating out in China

Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant and wanted to use some Chinese language? In this blog post we will learn basic Chinese which will enable you to order food in a Chinese restaurant.
First of all how do we say restaurant in Chinese language?
餐厅 (cāntīng)
饭馆 (fànguǎn)

Once you are in the restaurant
服务员 (fúwùyuán): waiter/waitress
菜单 (càidān): menu
点菜 (diǎn cài): to order food
上菜 (shàng cài): to serve food
慢慢吃 (màn man chī): Bon appétit (eat slowly)
请慢用 (qǐng màn yòng): please eat slowly
好吃 (hào chī): delicious; tasty
味道 (wèidào): taste; flavor

And after you are done eating
埋单 (máidān): to pay bill
一起付 (yīqǐ fù): pay together
分开付 (fēnkāi fù): pay separately
小费 (xiǎofèi): tip

Next time you go to a Chinese restaurant, try using these words. 慢慢吃!!!


  1. I went to the Dominican Republic recently. Despite it not being mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide book, I came across a Barrio Chino (Chinatown). I had delicious scallion and sprout noodles and fresh pork ribs. I may have been able to speak Mandarin with them, but they all spoke Spanish!

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