Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why are you so stupid?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to say “Why are you so stupid?” in Chinese language. Well I did, and I also used it a lot with my friends (jokingly of course) when I first learnt it. So this is how you say it:


Nǐ zěnme zhème bèn?

Why are you so stupid?

As you can see in the above sentence, 怎么 (zěnme) can be used to ask “Why” or “How come” questions. Here is another example:


Nǐ zěnme bù qù kāihuì?

Why didn’t you attend the meeting?

But this is not the only way how 怎么 (zěnme) can be used. It can also be used to ask “How” questions. Let’s look at some examples.


Nǐ zěnme xuéxí zhōngwén?

How do you study Chinese?


Qù dàxué zěnme zǒu?

How can I get to the university?


  1. What role does the Ni play in the above sentences? Does it translate to an actual word or is it like a cue to let the listener know that the speaker is asking a question? As someone who is learning Hindi, sometimes it's frustrating when a word appears in a sentence, but there is no real English equivalent.

  2. Good question nobrain. 你(Nǐ)actually means "you" in Chinese language, that is why it appears in all the sentences with "you" in it.

  3. so zenme meant you???
    sorry i am bit slow.i start learning chinese yesterday by my self...

    1. zenme means why in chinese