Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Qingdao city, Tsingtao beer

Next in the series of talking about different Chinese cities is Qingdao city, one of the major cities located in the eastern part of China. It’s one of my favorite cities in China, and it was also voted the most livable city in China in 2009. This is how you write its name in Chinese language:

青岛(Qīngdǎo): Qingdao

And here is the breakdown:

(qīng): green

(dǎo): island

青岛市(Qīngdǎo shì): Qingdao city

城市(chéngshì): city

You might not have heard about Qingdao city, but you might have drunk Tsingtao beer. As you might have guessed by now, Tsingtao beer comes from Qingdao city.

青岛啤酒(Qīngdǎo píjiǔ): Tsingtao beer

[Source: Click here]

Here are some words which might be useful while getting a drink in China:

(jiǔ): wine/alcohol

啤酒(píjiǔ): beer

白酒(báijiǔ): liqour

酒吧 (jiǔbā): bar

干杯 (gānbēi): cheers

醉了(zuì le): to be drunk

Qingdao city is not only famous for its beer, but it is also the home of the longest bridge in the world, Jiaozhou Bay Bridge.


  1. A link to NPR. Nice. :)

    Not sure how comfortable I would be on such a long long bridge.

  2. Very nice. What's the best beer there? And how do the prices of food and drink in different parts of China compare to America now?

  3. Tsingtao is definitely one of the most popular Chinese beers. Some other popular ones are Suntory and Reeb.

    As far as food prices is concerned you can eat as cheap and as expensive you want. Non-Chinese food is pretty expensive.