Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

I know I am a bit late but Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone (Sorry I was too busy celebrating myself). Or as you would say in Chinese language:

Shèng pàtèlǐkè jié kuàilè
(To learn other kuai le sentences, please check this post)

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish cultural and religious holiday. It is celebrated on March 17 each year. The major activities include visiting church, parades, wearing green and drinking alcohol.

Below are some useful St. Patrick’s Day words:

爱尔兰 (Ài'ěrlán): Ireland
三月十七日 (sān yuè shíqī rì): March 17
绿 (lǜ): green
喝酒 (hē jiǔ): drink alcohol

Even though it is an Irish festival, it is celebrated all over the world and China is not an exception. Below is a picture of St. Patrick’s Day parade in Beijing that I found on the internet: