Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to say Chinese leaders’ names

We all agree that Chinese words are difficult to pronounce. I had a blog post earlier which might help with pronounciation of Chinese words. We also have difficulties pronouncing Chinese names.  Not only are they hard to pronounce, but most of the time we are also unsure which one is the given name and which one is the family name. Please check my earlier blog post on Chinese names.
I found an article on the BBC website which I thought was worth sharing. It teaches us how to pronounce the names of the recently appointed new Chinese leaders. Below is an excerpt. Hope this is helpful.
Xi Jinping: SHEE jin PING (-sh as in ship, -j as in Jack, -i as in sit, -ng as in sing)
Li Keqiang: LEE kuh chee-AANG (-ee as in street, -aa as in father, -ch as in church, -ng as in sing)
Zhang Dejiang: JAANG duh jee-AANG (-j as in Jack, -aa as in father, -ng as in sing)
Zhang Gaoli: JAANG gow LEE (-j as in Jack, -aa as in father, -ng as in sing, -ow as in now)
Wang Qishan: WAANG chee SHAN (-aa as in father, -ng as in sing -ch as in church)
Liu Yunshan: LYOH yuen SHAN (-ly as in million, -oh as in no, -ue as in French vu)
Yu Zhengsheng: YUE jung SHUNG (-ue as in French vu, -j as in Jack, -u as in bun, -ng as in sing)

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