Sunday, November 4, 2012

Qing Dynasty

In the previous post we talked about how Tang Dynasty is considered to be one of the most prosperous dynasties in the Chinese history. What about the least prosperous? Opinions will differ, but Qing Dynasty definitely gets a lot of votes. It is also the last imperial dynasty of China.
清朝 (qīng cháo): Qing dynasty
(cháo): dynasty
So what was wrong with the Qing dynasty? Corruption, rebellions, natural disasters and foreign invasion are commonly cited as the reasons behind Qing dynasty’s downfall. The Opium War with the British was also fought during the Qing dynasty.
鸦片战争 (yāpiàn zhànzhēng): Opium War
鸦片 (yāpiàn): Opium
People often say that China fell behind during the Qing dynasty
Zài qīngcháo zhōngguó luòhòule
落后 (luòhòu): fall behind


  1. Great post! I never knew the chars. for opium. I will make sure to add that to my SRS list right away.


  2. Was the Qing Dynasty the last Dynasty?