Monday, February 20, 2012

Linsanity !!!

Everyone has been talking about him and I couldn’t resist either. So here is my official blog post on Jeremy Lin. By now you must have already heard about how lincredible Jeremy Lin is, but did you know that he is lintellectual as well? Yes, and that is exactly the reason why he has been playing so well. Here is a video that I found through a friend of mine:

Jeremy Lin is the first American player of Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA. Just in case you are wondering this is how you say Taiwan in Chinese language:

台湾 (Táiwān): Taiwan

And here are two other names you might be interested in:

香港 (Xiānggǎng): Hong Kong
澳门 (Àomén): Macau


  1. That video is messed up man. Way to perpetuate stereotypes. How about this one: Ridiculous!

  2. Very nice post. I have a post about Lin too. If you are interested in Lun Yu Analects of Confucius and Jeremy Lin, please check out

  3. The link did not go through, here it is again