Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Use of 每 (měi) in Chinese language

We just learned that measure words are reduplicated in Chinese language to emphasize commonality among different members of a group. And you must be thinking, isn’t that what每 (měi) is used for? Yes, just like reduplicated measure words, 每 (měi) can be used to stress commonality. See example below:

měi gè xuéshēng dōu xuéxí zhōngwén
All the students study Chinese language

However, unlike reduplicated measure words, 每 (měi) can also be used to emphasize individuality among different group members:

wǒmen shí gè xuéshēng, měi gèrén xuéxí de yǔyán bùtóng
Each one of us ten students study different languages

We also learned that reduplicated measure words and nouns cannot be used as objects. But每 (měi) can be:

nǐ yào bǎ shū gěi měi yī gè xuéshēng
You should give a book to every student

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